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  1. Heard of your year long adventure from a coworker. Then hearing you on Laura drove me to the site.

  2. Tina,
    Great Interview! Laura Ingraham is an interesting one and I thought it was great exposure for your cause.
    Speaking of causes, Ellen Degeneres did her Mothers Day giveaway show last Friday and my niece Anne was in the audience (along with 150 other soon to be Moms). I was in awe of Ellen’s generousity (albeit free advertising for the product sponsors) and went to her website to find out more about the products. I was not surprised to discover that, of the over 25 giveaways, only a small fraction are made in the USA. I immediately fired off an email to Ellen with a reference to your website suggesting that a ‘Made in the USA’ feature on her show would be revealing and relevant.

  3. I heard you on Laura’s show too and I was extremely inspired by you and your story. I tried to do this once too, about a year ago, but I think it only lasted a week, since I live in a small town and our only real shopping option is Walmart, (ugh!) I’m so glad you stuck with it, you have inspired me to pay closer attention again, and try my best to buy USA! Keep up the great work!!

  4. Dear Tina~
    A very eye-opening interview with Laura Ingraham. Your closing statement that we, as consumers, should remember the millions in America who are out of work and the billions we spend each year on unemployment is imperative to implementing a Buy American mentality. A feeble attempt at buying an occasional item Made in America won’t work. Only an all out effort made by millions of Americans will make a difference. I thank the day I found your blog. Thanks a bunch for your effort. And congratulations, too, on being invited onto Laura’s show. I’m surprised you don’t have a thousand comments on this post. Keep up the good work. ~ Amy Arnaz

  5. Even a 10 percent shift in American purchasing habits toward products Made in USA would get the attention of manufacturing companies. When we increase the demand for products made in America even by only 10 percent, manufactur­ing will begin to return to the USA to meet this demand. American consumers can do this!

  6. I really enjoyed your interview with Laura Ingraham. Thank you for this information and food for thought!

  7. Nice interview! I wish people would stop saying how hard it is, though. Just STOP buying stuff you don’t NEED!! :)

  8. Tina:

    Thank you for your continued efforts on Laura’s show.

    You mentioned a “movement” and I hope you were referring to the “uncool” movement because it is growing. People are beginning to understand that it is “uncool” (and UNAMERICAN) to buy stuff from stores whose business model is to peddle cheap stuff (lacking American Quality Seal) from countries that do not comply with American labor laws and environmental laws.

    But, we have to grow our list of “alternatives”, i.e. the stores and people willing to make the effort to sell American. Your list is a start, but we need a “labor network”!

    Those alternative stores and people willing to work to make and sell American made products are today’s Homeland Soldiers, as are those of us who are buying American…no matter what!…no matter for who!

    I guess LinkedIn may suffice as a “labor network”; I am not sure. But, a “labor network” may be best for manufacturing interested people, e.g. the tailors, seamstresses, shoe maker, candlestick makers, technology engineers. )

    What are your thoughts about that….? We need alternatives. Shall we gather the people together in a “labor network”; or is there one already? If not, let’s start one!

    We need Americans who are willing to make “stuff” and hook them up with people willing to buy quality stuff.

    One toy, one dress at a time. Seamstresses, tailors, and engineers….WAKE UP! We must harness our power and defend our country’s quality product and leadership in the employment and environmental law area.

    Together, we can do it!

    Tracy Gilroy, The Gilroy Law Firm

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