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50 in 50: CAMJ’s Top 5 Products Made in Colorado

As luck would have it, ColoradoBiz Magazine’s annual “Made in Colorado” issue came out yesterday–just in time for a slightly-panicked blogger in need of good, locally-made stuff (no, not that kind of stuff…) to write about. Showcasing an impressive 250 Centennial State manufacturers, the ColoradoBiz list includes a few companies whose products have achieved iconic status:Continue Reading “50 in 50: CAMJ’s Top 5 Products Made in Colorado”

50 in 50

50 in 50: California…Wine, Almonds, Hollywood Movies…

First, a rant… My beloved California is home to an embarrassment of riches. Beautiful climate, abundant agriculture and, of course, legions of bright, inventive, entrepreneurial souls who create the products that make our lives easier, fashionable; more entertaining. Apple iPhones, iPads and laptops, Gap clothing, Hollywood movies: all have deep California roots. California’s coastal citiesContinue Reading “50 in 50: California…Wine, Almonds, Hollywood Movies…”

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50 in 50: Arkansas / Top 5 Picks for Great Products Made in “The Natural State”

Top 5 Picks for Great Products Made in “The Natural State” #1) Arkansas-Grown Cotton You’d think it’d be easy to find Arkansas-made cotton apparel. After all, the Natural State ranks 3rd in the nation for its cotton production: In 2014, 335,000 acres were planted, yielding 820,000 bales of cotton. So why is it that–when IContinue Reading “50 in 50: Arkansas / Top 5 Picks for Great Products Made in “The Natural State””

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PS: Hey, Arizona…Happy Valentine’s Day!

Short, sweet (pun intended) post. Couldn’t leave the Grand Canyon State in the copper-colored desert dust without remembering that it was admitted to the USA on Valentine’s Day: February 14, 1912. See? If I hadn’t started this project, I never would’ve known that. Makes it all worthwhile. One other non-Arizona, Valentine’s Day factoid: according toContinue Reading “PS: Hey, Arizona…Happy Valentine’s Day!”

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50 in 50: Alaska

I’ll wake up in the middle of the night during the wintertime and I’ll have just dreamt about that big catch. —Robert Beedle, Copper River salmon fisherman It’s disorienting, this state-to-state relocation, this alphabetically-determined switching of mental gears from the sultry south’s Alabama–birthplace of Harper Lee, heart of the civil rights movement, home to SockContinue Reading “50 in 50: Alaska”

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Our Patchwork Heritage. Our Strength.

We will not apologize for our way of life, nor will we waver in its defense…For we know that our patchwork heritage is a strength, not a weakness. —President Barack Obama’s Inaugural Address, January 21, 2009 My sister-in-law Suzanne sews the most amazing quilts. Each is unique; each a work of art. The grateful recipientContinue Reading “Our Patchwork Heritage. Our Strength.”


America’s Teachable Olympic Moment

Clothing is a means of creating and communicating an identity…That’s why the attire of Olympians is so important: on the biggest stage in the world, they are constructing an identity not just for themselves, but as representatives of their country. —Prof. Michael Mamp, Central Michigan University Before the 2016 Summer Olympics fade from memory, theContinue Reading “America’s Teachable Olympic Moment”