ABC World News with Diane Sawyer "Made in America" Challenge

On February 28th, ABC World News with Diane Sawyer launched its "Made in America" challenge. As many of you know, the show invited me to join in the Buy-USA conversation via Skype. If you'd like to see my "chat," click here. Or you can go to the ABC News website. There you'll find all sorts of helpful information about various companies truly making their products here in the USA. As ABC reports "Economists say if every one of us spent an extra $3.33 on U.S.-made goods every year, it would create nearly 10,000 new jobs in this country."

On the ABC website you'll see photos of the suburban home they're furnishing with all Made in USA products. My personal favorite are the large glass candle holders from Simon Pearce. In browsing its website, the pottery looks stunning. I called the company, and began by saying "Bet you've gotten lots of calls since your products are featured on ABC's Made in America challenge." The rep on the line said, "Actually, not really." So I'll do my part to promote them here and now. The truly special looking pottery and glassware are all made in Vermont and Maryland. The other products on the website, however, "come from all over," as the rep put it. Translation: China. If you're on this Made in the USA journey, know that it's just a matter of calling to check various companies before buying their products.

Thanks, ABC World News, for doing this project. And please know that while ABC is in it for the next few weeks, I'll be here, writing away as a seek, find and buy only American products, until December 31st, 2011. Hope you'll stay with me on the journey. I am truly humbled by those of you who've made buying only USA-made products a permanent lifestyle choice. I bow to you and learn from you. I just received an email that says: "I've been buying only Made in USA for many years for my two sons and it's not easy." Wow. This person, and others like her, are my heroes. Amazing.

If you'd like to read about and participate in ABC's Challenge, click here. Good luck!