Made in USA Resources

Just a quick post to alert readers to the new addition to the blog / website. Alongside About and Bio, you'll now find Made in USA Resources. Click it and find links to the products I've mentioned since beginning this project January 1st, as well as companies and products suggested to me by helpful readers. Scroll all the way down to find websites that specialize in finding and selling USA-made products. Please feel free to contact me with other suggestions. The list will, of course, continue to evolve and grow. Just yesterday I received a note from my cousin, Paul, alerting me to a USA-made hat he'd found at Nordstrom manufactured by a company called Bailey. I searched for "Men's Bailey Hats Made in USA." Results? Only one. As Paul had warned me, not all Bailey hats are made in the USA. But it's nice to know at least one is, right? And if Bailey sees a spike in sales of hats made in the USA, maybe the company will take the hint and make more.

Happy shopping, fellow Americans!