Sitemap - 2011 - China Ate My Jeans

White Christmas

Occupy Bingo

Got Green Toys? They're Made in the USA

L.L. Bean Christmas Stockings Made in China? A Fine Mess

Made in USA Space Heater? Welcome to My Alternate Universe.

Oh {Grown in the USA} Christmas Tree!

Red, White and Blue Friday

Unraveling Our Economic Mess, One Turkey at a Time

Twenty Minutes at an Occupy SF General Assembly

Notes from the Retail Revolution

Two Roads in Justin Herman Plaza

Field Trip: Occupy SF

Trick or Treat? You Decide.

Money Pit

Occupy Costco

Wake Up and Smell the Coffee, America

Et tu, WSJ?

Hanging Out at Target with Mrs. O

Karen Kane: All in the {American} Family

Breaking News: China Imports Hurt U.S. Ya Think?

Madcapz: Hats off to Carrie Bell

Farewell, Summer

Friends Don't Let Friends Buy Imports

MLK Memorial Made in USA? Dream On.

Farouk Shami: Straightening Out the Economy, One Flat Iron at a Time

Sick of China? Try Whack-a-Mole

No Whine Before Its Time


12 Important Things to Do Before Andy Grove Calls

Note to Andy Grove: Mind Trying on This Red, White & Blue Suit?

Paging Captain America: You Busy?

{Not Quite} Midnight in America


Aloha: Hawaiian for Made in the USA

Warning: Beware of Dogs

Say It Ain't So: Is PRC Advertising on NBC?

A Grand Old / New American Flag

Independence {from China} Day

No Flip-Flopping: Gotta Buy Okabashi


Jiminy Cricket on My Shoulder


A Father's Day Story…and Some Made in USA Gift Ideas

Scoop by Scoop

kikaPaprika: I came, I saw, I bought

Oh, Who Are the People in Our {American} Neighborhood?

Tomato, Tomahto: Just Gimme Made in the USA

Where'd That Lil' Wiener Come From? WTO Says You Don't Need to Know

Don't Try This at Home

Baking Cookies: The Ruth Wakefield Antidote

Blue Monday

Dear Julia and Tom: Let's Give Your "Favorite Things" an All American Makeover, Shall We?

Deconstructing Julia Roberts' and Tom Hanks' Favorite Things

Laura Ingraham Show

My Hallmark Moment

Made in USA Resources

What Price Freedom?

Mary-Kate and Ashley to the Rescue

The Offshore Easter Parade

Retail Therapy Redefined

Nordstrom: Dinner and a Cardigan

Between a Rock and a Hard Place

To Etsy and Beyond

Bag Lady: Part Two

Bag Lady: Part One

First Quarter Review

The Triangle Factory Fire...and Let's Not Forget Bangladesh

Bills Khakis {Step Away From That Costco Table}

Nothing Says Levi's Like Singapore

Dress for Economic Success {An American Daydream}

Catching Courage

The Other Tsunami {What's a Country to Do?}

Prequel: The Other Tsunami

Death and Cookies

kikaPaprika: Maybe I Won't Have to Wear Amish Clothing After All

Deconstructing Dinner

Fern's Garden

Daffodils and Windchimes

Connecting the Pixels

ABC World News with Diane Sawyer "Made in America" Challenge

The British Are Coming

Oscars "In Memoriam": The Unkindest Cut

Did You Hear the News? U.S. Manufacturing is Fine, Really

Field Research: "The Agony and the Ecstasy of Steve Jobs"

Part Two: The True Cost of Foreign-Made Jeans {A Conversation with Lawson Nickol}

Part One: The True Cost of Foreign-Made Jeans

The Late-Winter of My Discontent

Doing Laundry

A Long and Winding Post

Does This Skype Camera Make My Blog Look Big?

While We Were Sleeping

My Funny Valentine

Ok Dad. Now I Get It.

He Said, She Said: Part II

He Said, She Said: Two American Business Owners, Two Views

The Patriot Diet

I {Heart} America


On My Soupbox

Show Prep: Sneaking a Foot in America's Door

Levi's: Made in Lesotho. But You Knew That, Right?

To Love or Not to Love Dov


Paging Jeffrey Immelt

Desperately Seeking Made in USA

Will the Real China Please Stand Up?

One Skirt at a Time

Vera Wang and Apple Pie

Learning Curve

Melting Pot

Jobs, Chinese and Otherwise


Sagen es ist nicht so, Traeder Joe's [Say It Ain't So, Trader Joe's]

Oh, Say Can You See...Where Stuff Comes From?

Sounds Like Hollywood

Search Engine

Oops I {Bought Made In China} Again